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How It All Started

Well, this is my story..

I started my corporate career more than a decade ago.

A few years into my job, I heard that my company was making losses. Little did I know that my role would be made redundant. I was laid off, and that came as a shocker because it was my first experience.

The next year was a roller coaster ride of updating resumes, job hunting, sending out multiple job applications, and attending interviews. It took me close to 14 months to find my next job, as the job market was quite tight.

Needless to say, I was not prepared to deal with job loss, and quick job hunting in a tough economy, and had to deal with all the mental trauma and stress. It was quite embarrassing and tough going when there are a lot of emotions at play.

But during this year, I noticed that my skillsets improved, my knowledge gaps got filled, and I became more proficient in learning and applying new skills.

I developed techniques to learn in-demand skills in the job market, got insights into a lot of alternate job markets, and learned effective ways to position myself to fill these gaps and apply for jobs.

Family & Friends

In subsequent years, some of my friends and family members lost their jobs and came to me for advice. To them, I had gone through tough times myself and had the knowledge to share my mistakes and experiences.

I was happy to help. Never realized my experience dealing with layoffs and joblessness for a significant time could be helpful to others in similar situations 🙂

Moving on..

I believe in “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

Luck was never on my side when I was unprepared to deal with events.

Preparing myself ahead of time changed everything, I noticed that luck is not about “retaining my current job”, but it’s about being able to quickly find a new job after being made redundant in the current job.

Explore and learn the tools and techniques at our disposal and work towards the goals, all the while planning and expecting the unexpected. Read my blog to understand how you can prepare yourself for your career ahead, and swiftly glide through and deal with any career events in your life

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