5 Best AI Resume Writers To Get Job During Recession

Recruiters typically take less than 10 seconds to screen a resume. You must clear the ATS scanning process and impress the hiring managers to get a job.

During recessions and tough economic times, getting the right job that suits your skill set and experience becomes even more difficult.

A well-written resume is crucial in today’s job market to stand out from the other candidates with similar profiles and experience as yours.

Fortunately, today we have resume-building services that use Artificial Intelligence and can get you a solid and effective resume written quickly and efficiently.

This article reviews the five best AI Resume Builders that can build perfect resumes for you in 2023 and beyond.

Rezi AI
  • Rezi AI’s AI-powered technology automates and builds outstanding resume in minutes
best for professionals
Skill Roads
  • Skillroads helps to prepare resumes and provides resume writing tips, interview tips & career advice.
BEST for freshers
Resume IO
  • Resume IO provides resume templates to create professional resumes and cover letters quickly.

1. Rezi AI

Best AI-based Resume and Cover Letter Service to beat ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and get more interview calls.

Best AI Resume Builders – Rezi.ai


Rezi.ai is an online resume builder that provides several professional resume samples and cover letter samples to choose from and create your resume/cover letter.

The resumes generated using Rezi.ai are content-focused, which helps you to get hired.

  • ATS Keyword TargetingGetting interviews requires your resume to get spotted by ATS and hiring managers. Using the right keywords is essential to get noticed among the sea of applicants.
  • Content Analysis – Rezi’s AI-based content analysis feature helps to spot missing content, missing bullet points, keywords, etc.
  • Rezi Score – Analyze your existing resume using Rezi’s scoring system on a scale of 1 to 100. This helps you spot areas of improvement in your resume.
  • Automatically formats your resume
  • Rich library of templates
  • Uses AI technology to optimize resume
  • ATS optimization.
  • It may not be custom enough for certain industries

Key Benefits

  • Download formats – Using Rezi, I exported my resume in .pdf or .docx and google docs formats.
  • AI Skills Explorer – Rezi has an AI-based skills recommender. I liked this feature because when I entered my skill, the recommender spotted similar skills required in the job market and provided suggestions.
  • Sample Library – They also provide a vast sample library of resumes, cover letters, and resignation letters. I used this library as a starting point to create my resume quickly.
  • LinkedIn Profile Importing – If you have an updated LinkedIn profile, you can create a resume in seconds using Rezi’s Google extension, which imports the LinkedIn profile and auto-generates a resume.


Best AI Resume Builders – Rezi Pricing

Rezi.ai pricing has four options to choose from

  • Free Plan – I initially used their free plan to browse the available options and play around. You can create a basic resume or cover letter and download it up to 3 times. AI capabilities are not available in the free plan, you can update your resume details, and it will format your resume in a good simple format.
  • Pro Plan – Once The Pro plan provides unlimited resume creation, cover letter creation, and download options. You get full access to AI Resume Builder, AI Cover Letter Writer, Keyword Targeting, Content Analysis features, and professional resume samples.
  • Basic Plan – The basic plan provides unlimited downloads of your resume, but you can only create one resume per month. AI Resume Builder capabilities are unavailable (need credits), and you get limited access to Keyword Targeting and Content Analysis.
  • Lifetime Plan – And finally, they have a Lifetime plan as well if you don’t want to go with monthly subscriptions.

Wrap Up

Overall, I found Rezi AI’s entire experience helpful for candidates who want to enhance their chances of landing more interviews and getting jobs faster using the latest AI technologies.

Creating a perfect resume quickly using Rezi AI is a total game changer. This could also help you stand out from the other applicants and present the best version of yourself to recruiters and potential employers.

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2. Skill Roads

Best Artificial Intelligence-based Resume-Making Service to empower your job search and application process.


Best AI Resume Builders – Skillroads

Skillroads makes it easy to create powerful resumes that can impress hiring managers using a few clicks. It’s an AI-based online resume maker that understands your background and job position and finds missing skills and knowledge.

Skill Road has four primary career services: Resume Writing, Resume Editing, LinkedIn Makeover & Career Coaching. It offers services that could create resumes and cover letter and connects potential candidates to the best job offers.

If you have an old resume that’s not been updated for several years, this AI bot is ideal for updating the resume to the one that’s best suited to today’s job market.

For anyone who wants to grow their career, this AI would give insights on what skillsets need to be acquired and learned to stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Key Benefits

Best AI Resume Builders – Skillroads Key Benefits

  • AI Resume Generator – When you enter your job title and take a 5-minute questionnaire describing your experience, Skillroads AI Robo will generate an amazing AI-created resume.

  • AI Smart Resume Review – When you upload your resume, AI will scan and analyze your resume for keywords and give a feedback report to fix your resume. This will significantly enhance your chances of landing your dream job.

  • Cover Letter Generator – You can get AI to generate a customized cover letter using your resume details and critical competencies.

  • Linkedin Profile Editing – Today, 90% of employers use LinkedIn to screen candidates. By submitting your LinkedIn profile link, the service provides you with a list of improvements that could help you get recruited faster.

  • Free Resume Checker – A better resume enhances your chances of getting a job and increases the interview calls you can get. Skillroad’s free AI Resume Checker service provides valuable machine-learning insights to improve your resume.


Best AI Resume Builders – Skillroads Pricing

Skillroads pricing has three options to choose from

  • Basic Plan – The basic plan provides a resume editing service that makes your resume ATS compatible, and a professional resume expert will help you.
  • Pro Plan 1 – Besides resume writing, this plan provides a cover letter builder, modern templates, and designs, and also helps with keywords to make your resume stand out.
  • Pro Plan 2 – Besides resume writing, cover letter, and templates, this plan provides Linkedin profile renovation and makes your resume a professional brand. This option can be handy if you are serious about upgrading your resume to land a job.

Wrap Up

Skillroads is best suited for job seekers who want to enhance their resume quickly and get interview calls and jobs in a competitive job market.

The AI-created resume could greatly enhance your chances of getting interview calls by outsmarting ATS bots that scan and shortlist resumes.

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3. Resume.io

Best AI software to create job-winning resumes and cover letters.


Best AI Resume Writers - Resumeio
Best AI Resume Writers – Resumeio

Follow a 3-step process to create your winning resume:

  1. Choose your resume template
  2. Edit the contents of your resume
  3. Download your resume

With resume.io, you can start with tested and ATS-compliant resume templates and take your resume to the next level. The resume templates provided are simple, modern, professional, and creative.

When choosing a resume template, evaluate your industry’s professionalism level. If modern and stylish resumes fit your industry, select similar templates. Or, if your industry is more traditional and formal, select those templates that suit your needs.

Once you choose a resume template, update the contents, download it, and update it. If you want to change the template, it is pretty easy to switch between resume templates. You don’t have to start from scratch, change the template and download your new resume.

Key Benefits

Best AI Resume Writers - Resumeio Key Benefits
Best AI Resume Builders – Resumeio Key Benefits
  • 5-minute resume and cover letter templates – With a wide selection of resume and cover letter templates, you can create your professional store in minutes.

  • Auto Summary Generator – Resume summary and contents usually take much time to write. Resume.io has a unique auto-summary generator that makes it much easier for you.

  • Track job applications – When applying for multiple jobs, losing track of your job applications is easy. Resume.io provides a tracking feature that makes it much more manageable.


Best AI Resume Writers - Resumeio Pricing
Best AI Resume Builders – Resumeio Pricing

Resume.io has options for a free plan as well as premium plans.

  • Free Plan – You can create one resume and cover letter with a free plan. But download is only available in txt format, no pdf or doc formats.
  • 7-day Trial – They provide you a 7-day trial option with unlimited resume and cover letter templates and unlimited downloads to test the waters.
  • 6-month and 1-year Plan – These bulk premium options also provide unlimited resume and cover letter templates with unlimited downloads. Bulk payment for six months or one year is cheaper and provides value for money.
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4. Resume Star

Create impactful and beautiful resumes using an AI-driven online resume maker. This service mainly focuses on freshers (entry-level job seekers) and students.


Best AI Resume Writers - Resumestar
Best AI Resume Builders – Resumestar

ResumeStar helps entry-level job seekers and students to get their first entry into the job market. Their AI-based resume build engine creates impactful resumes.

You can make use of three primary resume services they provide:

  1. Build tailored resumes for a job.
  2. Match your resume to the job
  3. Check your resume score.

Apart from job seekers, it also provides services for recruiters allowing them to scan hundreds of resumes in minutes.

The job matching algorithm matches resumes with job requirements. Job seekers can use the same service to match their resume to a job and check their resume scores.

Key Benefits

Best AI Resume Writers - Resumestar Key Benefits
Best AI Resume Builders – Resumestar Key Benefits
  • Perfect for IT jobs – Resumestart’s AI specializes in creating resumes for IT professionals and is ideal for job seekers in the Information Technology domain.
  • Stand out from the crowd – Select from their wide range of templates to create your unique resume and beat the competition.
  • QR Code resume sharing – You can share your resume using a QR code, which is an excellent feature.

5. Cvviz.com

Cvviz is mainly for job recruiters to hire top candidates faster with AI recruiting software.


Best AI Resume Writers - cvviz
Best AI Resume Builders – cvviz

Cvviz has a powerful AI-driven ATS scanning software that scans through hundreds of resumes and ranks candidates’ profiles to a job requirement. This helps simplify the hiring process.

This AI-driven service significantly reduces the time taken to place the right candidate for a job role. Recruiters and hiring managers can use this service to enjoy the benefits.

Key Benefits

Best AI Resume Writers - cvviz Key Benefits
Best AI Resume Builders – cvviz Key Benefits
  • Post jobs to multiple sites – Hiring managers can use this AI service to post jobs to various job boards. Cvviz is integrated with 2000+ job boards.
  • Screen Resumes – Cvviz uses Machine Learning powered algorithms and Natural Language Processing to scan and match resumes against job requirements. It’s very fast and accurate, thus reducing the need for manual screening.
  • Track Job Offers – You could also use AI-based services to make job offers to the best candidates.


Can I Use AI to Write a Resume?

Yes. AI resume builders have already revolutionized the hiring process by providing job seekers with customized resumes tailored to specific job descriptions.

Just give a job description to an AI Resume Builder, and you will see it quickly analyzes the job description and creates an optimized resume that matches these requirements, using natural language processing algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Creating a personalized resume for every job application was nearly impossible when applying for many jobs simultaneously. Things have changed a lot with the arrival of AI. As a job seeker, you can highly increase your chances of success in the job search, securing interviews, and ultimately landing a job by using AI-powered resume solutions.

In addition to providing customized resumes, AI resume builders could also help to track an applicant’s progress through the job search process. You could easily monitor your job applications, stay organized throughout the process and increase your chances of success during the job hunt.

How Much Should I Pay for a Resume Builder?

Getting your resume and cover letter written by a professional human writer can be costly in terms of money, time, and reliability.

Top executive resume writers charge thousands of dollars for a good resume. Affordable resume writing services for non-executives cost in the $200-$400 range; it generally reflects on the resume quality and service provided.

What if you want a top resume writing service in an affordable range?

Go for AI-powered resume solutions. AI provides top-executive service, is not as costly as a human service provider, and is best positioned to beat AI bots that scan resumes for job suitability.

In today’s world, resumes are scanned by software programs to assess candidates’ suitability for a job role, before it goes to the hiring manager. Resumes written by AI Resume Builders are best suited to beat ATS resume scanning software and give you an optimized resume.

Final Thoughts

If you are a job seeker who hasn’t updated your resume for a long time or creating a fresh resume, don’t get stuck in writer’s block trying to do everything by yourself.

The main objective of your resume is to match your resume skills with the job requirements, get noticed by hiring managers, and stand out from the crowd.

Using the best AI-based resume builders available today can save you time and effort. Especially in today’s market, where resumes are scanned by ATS scanning software, AI-based resume builders are best suited to optimize your resume.

We hope this list helps you pick the best AI-based resume builder for advancing your career.

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