Jobs For Shy People It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Shy people feel a bit of awkwardness and uneasiness in the presence of others. If you’re shy, you might not enjoy group discussions or presentations. Do you think your personality trait stops you from advancing in your career or getting a job?

You could be hard on yourself, and your inner voices might constantly criticize you because of your personality. It might seem today’s world is primarily built for extrovert personality types who are outgoing and thrive around people, so being shy could feel like a negative trait.

But contrary to popular belief, shy people have many advantages which make them essential for certain jobs. If you’re shy, selecting the right job based on your personality traits can work wonders and create enormous wins for your career and the company.

So, what are the jobs that shy people are best suited for?

Shy people are best suited for jobs that require detail-oriented work and analysis that requires solitary time. Shy people can succeed in many industries like Engineering, Computer, Medical, Communication, Arts, Architecture, etc. Selecting the right job based on your personality trait is the key to prospering in your job.

In this article, we will explore the steps required to identify your qualities as a shy person, the jobs and industries best suited for shy people, and how to select the right job based on the industry you’re interested in.

So, let’s dive right in.

What Career is Good for a Shy Person?

What Career is Good for a Shy Person
What Career is Good for a Shy Person

If you are a shy person, you may probably want to lock your doors and do your “thing.” You might not enjoy being around or constantly interacting with people other than your close friend or family. Most of the time, you enjoy being alone.

Shy people might often see extroverts around them being the center of attention and grabbing all-important jobs and leadership positions. And might fantasize about becoming an extrovert and constantly criticize themselves for being shy.

Do not criticize yourself for being shy, and there’s no need to fantasize extroverts, because shy people have some unique qualities and abilities that make them best suited for certain jobs, which an extrovert personality would be unable to handle.

Before we get into which careers are best suited for shy people, let’s do a self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

Self-assessment and Preparation Steps for Shy People

  • Step 1 – Make a list of situations/activities that make you shy – If you’ve worked in jobs, you might have noticed the specific job events or tasks that make you very uncomfortable and sick. Is it Interaction with customers, Presentations, Meetings, or any others? Try to recollect such activities and make a note of them.

  • Step 2 – Make a list of your strengths – List down all your strengths before you finalize what type of job you could apply for. For example, if you are an analytical thinker and detail-oriented person, jobs like Accountant and Data Scientist could be a good match.

  • Step 3 – Prepare for Interview – Shy people might find it hard to express themselves during job interviews, even in cases where they’ve done the work and are very experienced. Elaborate interview preparation is the key to tackling this. Prepare for common interview questions like introduction, experience, etc., and behavioral interview questions.

  • Step4 – Finalize the job type that suits your strengths and weaknesses – Know your strengths and weaknesses and be aware of the strengths that a job requires. Pick the job that most suits your personality, makes you comfortable, and brings out the best in you. Later in this article, we will go through the various jobs suited for shy people that would help you pick the right job based on your strengths.

Some jobs are tailor-made for shy people. What you’ll need to do is to understand your personality trait and interests, and get into jobs that suit your personality. The result would be amazing – it would work wonders for your career and allow you to be yourself.

Finding the Best Career as a Shy Person

Of all the questions that might come to your mind, two are the most important.

  • First, how do you choose the right field (e.g., Engineering, Computer, Medical, Communication, Arts, Architecture, etc.)?
  • Second, how do you choose the right job role?

The table below lists the various industries and job roles best suited for shy people. This list is compiled from the US Department of Labor database, which records hundreds of jobs across multiple industries.

Architecture & Engineering1) Aerospace Engineering & Operational Technologists
2) Bioengineers & Biomedical Engineers
3) Cartographers & Photogrammetrists
4) Computer Hardware Engineers
5) Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technologists & Technicians
6) Environmental Engineering Technologists and Technicians
7) Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians
8) Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians
9) Mining and Geological Engineers
10) Landscape Architects
11) Surveyors
Arts and Design1) Special Effects Artists and Animators
2) Craft and Fine Artists
3) Graphic Designers
Business and Finance1) Accountants and Auditors
2) Cost Estimators
3) Insurance Underwriters
4) Market Research Analysts
Computer and Information Technology1) Computer and Information Research Scientists
2) Computer Network Architects
3) Computer Programmers
4) Information Security Analysts
5) Software Developers, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Testers
Education1) Archivists, Curators, and Museum Workers
Food1) Chefs and Head Cooks
Healthcare1) Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians
2) Dental Hygienists
3) Medical Assistants
4) Medical Records and Health Information Specialists
5) Medical Sonographers and Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians
6) Medical Transcriptionists
7) Surgical Technologists
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair1) Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians
2) Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers
3) Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Service Technicians
4) Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers
5) Wind Turbine Technicians
Life, Physical, and Social Science1) Agricultural and Food Scientists
2) Atmospheric Scientists, Including Meteorologists
3) Biochemists and Biophysicists
4) Chemists and Materials Scientists
5) Economists
6) Epidemiologists
7) Geoscientists
8) Hydrologists
9) Medical Scientists
10) Microbiologists
11) Physicists and Astronomers
12) Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

Best Jobs for Shy People

Best Jobs for Shy People
Best Jobs for Shy People

People with outgoing personality types like to be the center of attention. But, if you’re shy, you have certain personality traits that work to your advantage if you choose the right job that’s best suited for your personality.

Qualities of a Shy Person

  • Prefer Solitary Work – Shy people prefer to work alone. Instead of spending time chitchatting with colleagues, they put their heads down, focus, and get the work done. They usually need reset time after collaboration, so select jobs that do not require heavy collaboration if you’re shy. Once in a while, collaboration is good for you and the team.

  • Excel in Detail-oriented Work – Shy people have the quality to think deeply before taking action. Getting into jobs that require careful analysis and detail-oriented work, like finances, accounting, programming, etc., can be best suited if you’re shy.

Job Selection for Shy Person Based on Personality Traits

Job selection based on personality traits makes your job enjoyable and works wonders to enhance your productivity, which would benefit the company.

Architecture & Engineering Jobs

Architecture & Engineering Jobs
Architecture & Engineering Jobs
JobYearly Median
Pay (2021)
Job RoleWork Environment
Aerospace Engineering & Operational Technologists$73,580Maintain equipment used to develop, test, and produce aircraft and spacecraft.Work in manufacturing plants, laboratories, and offices
Bioengineers & Biomedical Engineers$97,410Design and create equipment, devices, computer systems, and software.Work in manufacturing in research facilities
Cartographers and Photogrammetrists$68,900Collect and interpret geographic information to create and update maps for regional planning.Work primarily in offices may also require travel to locations for mapping
Computer Hardware Engineers$128,170Research, design, develop, and test computer systems and componentsWork in research laboratories.
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians$63,640 Help engineers design and develop electrical equipment Work in offices, laboratories, or factories
Environmental Engineering Technologists and Technicians$48,390Implement the plans developed by environmental engineers.Work both indoors and outside.
Industrial Engineering Technologists and Technicians$60,220Help engineers solve manufacturing problemsWork in manufacturing industries
Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians$60,460Help mechanical engineers design, develop, test, and manufacture machinesWork primarily in factories or in research and development labs
Mining and Geological Engineers$97,090Design mines to safely remove minerals for use in manufacturing and utilities.Work where mining operations are located, such as mineral mines or sand-and-gravel quarries
Landscape Architects$67,950Design parks and other outdoor spacesSpend most of my time in offices, creating designs & preparing models
Surveyors$61,600Make precise measurements to determine property boundariesInvolves both fieldwork and office work

Arts & Design Jobs

Arts & Design Jobs
Arts & Design Jobs
JobYearly Median
Pay (2021)
Job RoleWork Environment
Special Effects Artists and Animators$78,790Create images that appear to move, and visual effects for entertainmentWork in offices or work from home
Craft and Fine Artists$49,960Create art for sale and exhibitionWork in commercial-art studios in an office or private studios at home
Graphic Designers$50,710 Create visual concepts using computer software or by handWork in studios or work from home.

Business & Finance Jobs

Business & Finance Jobs
Business & Finance Jobs
JobYearly Median
Pay (2021)
Job RoleWork Environment
Accountants and Auditors$77,250Prepare and examine financial recordsWork in the office or work from home.
Cost Estimators$65,170Collect and analyze data to assess the cost, labor & time required to make a product.Work primarily in offices or at construction sites
Insurance Underwriters$76,390 Evaluate insurance applications and decide whether to provide insurance and under what terms.Work indoors in offices
Market Research Analysts$63,920Study market conditions to examine potential sales of a product or serviceWork individually to create graphs summarizing the research and findings

Computer and Information Technology Jobs

Computer and Information Technology Jobs
Computer and Information Technology Jobs
JobYearly Median
Pay (2021)
Job RoleWork Environment
Computer and Information Research Scientists$131,490Design innovative uses for new and existing computing technologyMuch of the work is done online.
Computer Network Architects$120,520Design and build data communication networksPrimarily work in offices, occasionally in server rooms.
Computer Programmers$93,000Write and test code and scripts for computer software applications.Work primarily in the office or work from home.
Information Security Analysts$102,600Provide security to the organization’s computer networks and systems.Mostly work from the office.
Software Developers, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Testers$110,140Identify problems with applications or programs, and report defectsMostly work from the office.

Education Jobs

Education and Curators Jobs
Education and Curator’s Jobs
JobYearly Median
Pay (2021)
Job RoleWork Environment
Archivists, Curators, and Museum Workers$50,120Prepare and restore historical artwork collections.Work in museums, historical sites, governments, colleges, and universities

Food Jobs

Jobs in Food Industry
Jobs in Food Industry
JobYearly Median
Pay (2021)
Job RoleWork Environment
Chefs and Head Cooks

$50,160Oversee the daily food preparation at restaurants.Chefs and head cooks stand for long periods and work in a fast-paced environment.

Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare Jobs
Healthcare Jobs
JobYearly Median
Pay (2021)
Job RoleWork Environment
Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians$57,800Collect samples and perform tests to analyze body fluids and tissue.Work in hospitals or medical and diagnostic laboratories
Dental Hygienists$77,810Examine patients for signs of oral diseases, such as gingivitis, and provide preventive careWork in dentists’ offices or work part-time
Medical Assistants$37,190Complete the administrative and clinical tasks in hospitals and physician’s offices.Work in physicians’ offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics
Medical Records and Health Information Specialists$45,240Organize, manage, and code health information dataTypically spend many hours on a computer
Medical Sonographers and Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians$75,380Operates special imaging equipment to create images or to conduct testsWork in hospitals or physician’s offices, or medical & diagnostic labs
Medical Transcriptionists$30,100Convert the voice recordings of physicians and healthcare workers into written reportsWork in hospitals, physician’s offices, or self-employed
Surgical Technologists$48,530Assist in surgical operationsWork in hospitals. It involves a lot of standing on your feet.

Maintenance & Repair Jobs

Insurance, Maintenance & Repair Jobs
Maintenance & Repair Jobs
JobYearly Median
Pay (2021)
Job RoleWork Environment
Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians$65,550Repair and perform scheduled maintenance on aircraftWork in hangars, in repair stations, or on airfields
Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers$61,760Install or repair a variety of electrical equipmentWork in repair shops or factories. Involves lifting heavy equipment
Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Service Technicians$53,770Inspect, maintain, and repair vehicles and machinery used in construction, farming, etc.Work indoors in noisy repair shops. Involves lifting heavy parts and tools.
Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers$60,370Set up and maintain devices that carry communications signals.Work in offices or electronic service centers, or repair sites.
Wind Turbine Technicians$56,260Install, maintain, and repair wind turbinesWork outdoors, in confined spaces, and at great heights.

Life, Physical, and Social Science Jobs

Life, Physical, and Social Science Jobs
Life, Physical, and Social Science Jobs
JobYearly Median
Pay (2021)
Job RoleWork Environment
Agricultural and Food Scientists$74,160Research ways to improve the efficiency and safety of agricultural products.Work in labs, in offices, and the field.
Atmospheric Scientists, Including Meteorologists$94,570Study the weather and climateWork indoors in weather stations, offices, or labs
Biochemists and Biophysicists$102,270Study chemical and physical principles of living things.Work in labs and offices to conduct experiments and analyze results.
Chemists and Materials Scientists$79,760Study substances at the atomic and molecular levels and analyze their interaction.Works in labs and offices.
Economists$105,630Collect and analyze data, research trends, and evaluate economic issues.Work independently in an office.
Epidemiologists$78,830Investigate patterns and causes of disease and injuryWorks in labs and offices, usually health departments.
Geoscientists$83,680Study the physical aspects of the EarthWork outdoors and also work in offices and labs
Hydrologists$84,030Study how water moves through the Earth’s crustWorks in the field and offices.
Medical Scientists$95,310Conduct research to improve overall human healthWork in labs and offices.
Microbiologists$79,260Study microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, and parasites.Works in labs and offices, conduct scientific experiments and analyze results
Physicists and Astronomers$147,450Study the interactions of matter and energyWork in offices, research labs, and observatories
Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists$64,650Study animals and wildlife and Interaction with ecosystems.Work in offices, labs, or outdoors

Final Thoughts

Deep rivers run quiet.

Haruki Murakami

Shyness is not a quality that you should despise. There several great opportunities you can pursue if you’re shy. Be smart in understanding your strengths and go for industry and job roles that excite you.

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