Best Platform for Job Search

When it comes to job search platforms, there are many options available, and you might be thinking about whether you should stick to a single platform of your choice or use multiple platforms.

That begs the question, “Which job platform should I use?” or “Which job platform is the best for job search?”

The top 3 job search platforms are Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, based on the number of daily new job listings that get posted on these platforms. Comparing the features of all platforms, these perform nearly as well and can be tailored to your specific needs of job search requirements like industry and country.

Infographics-Best Job Search Platforms

So now let’s take the most relevant criteria that we used to compare the job platforms – “Daily New Job Listings.” Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn are the top 3 platforms for job search, based on daily new job listings, especially if you are based in the US.

What Are the Best Job Platforms for New Job Listings?

Check out the below table that rates the job platforms based on daily new job listings, which would help you decide which platform is the right choice for you.

Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn are the top 3 job search platforms with the most daily new job listings. The job listings of the top three platforms far exceed the combined listings from the rest of the platforms by 69%.

Job PlatformDaily New
Job Listings
Daily Part-time
Simply hired1852323
USA Jobs150

Apart from the top 3 listings, I have also compiled a list of other platforms that are good for job hunting and getting interview calls. Don’t miss out on these alternative job platforms that have some really good features and help available,


LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn is the most prominent job search site in today’s world. It has a variety of features that help users find and connect with potential employers. Its robust job listings and easy-to-use platform make it our Number One choice for job seekers.

You can customize your search results to find the exact job that you’re looking for. Especially in tech jobs, LinkedIn is very effective in finding work.

After you’ve filled out your profile, you can then use it to send connection requests and apply for various positions. If your profile is updated sufficiently, recruiters will also message you directly.

Linkedin is the #1 recommended platform for job search in our list, with the most number of daily job listings posted.


Indeed Job Search

Indeed is a top platform with lots of relevant and new daily job postings. You can create your free profile, upload your resume and apply for jobs.

Set up email alerts for relevant jobs matching your skills, and automate the process to get daily job listings when openings get posted by companies.

You can also follow company pages in Indeed to get updates and alerts on new job postings as they become available.

Indeed serves 62 countries worldwide and is a trusted platform to help with your job search. Go to your relevant country website ( to start your job search


Glassdoor Job Search

Glassdoor is a great job search platform that provides great and credible reviews. In today’s world, job seekers want to be informed about all aspects of a company prior to applying for a job.

Glassdoor provides reliable information from various company employees on the company culture, office atmosphere, perks, benefits; interview questions asked to candidates in companies, etc.

You can set job search filters based on Company size, Salary/Pay Range, and Location.

And a special mention that Glassdoor does a great job of filtering out scammers, so you know you’re applying for legitimate jobs.


SimplyHired Job Search

Next on our list is Simplyhired.

In addition to the job search features, Simplyhired also provides impressive job search tools like Salary Estimator, Resume Builder, Company Reviews, and useful resources like Interview Questions, Sample Resumes, Example Interview, and a separate listing of jobs that pay well.

It’s free for employers to post job openings on the site, and it’s free as well for job seekers to apply for jobs.

Simplyhired lives up to expectations with its powerful features and simple design and is a good platform for both job seekers as well as recruiters.

Simplyhired serves 23 countries worldwide. Select your relevant country website to start your job search activities.

Zip Recruiter

ZipRecruiter Job Search

ZipRecruiter is rated the #1 job search app on iOS and Android and rated the #1 hiring site in the US. It has a vast job search and resumes database with plenty of job postings.

ZipRecruiter has an AI job matching technology and names it ‘Phil’. Phil acts as your personal job assistant, emailing you several job matchings, and you can get notifications and alerts.

Complete your profile, upload your resume, and use the one-click application process to apply for jobs; the process is made simple.

Having said that, ZipRecruiter does not offer extensive learning and development tools like the other popular sites.


DICE Job Search

Dice is mainly for tech jobs in the USA, so if you are a tech talent looking for jobs in the tech industry, this could be an ideal option for you.

Dice provides options to browse jobs by various categories:

  • By Title (Project Manager, Data Analyst, etc.)
  • By Skill (Big Data, Machine Learning, Cryptocurrency, etc.)
  • By Category (Part time jobs, Work from home, etc.)

Also has great resources that help you prepare for job interviews and master new skills to keep you updated on the demands of the marketplace.

Career Builder

CareerBuilder Job Search

CareerBuilder is the next on our list. It’s a great job search platform if you’re looking for jobs in the USA. The platform has been around for more than 2 decades and is a trusted name in the industry.

If you are looking for jobs outside of the US, CareerBuilder does offer job searches in 8 more countries. Check out this International Link and go to the relevant country job portal to apply for jobs.

The platform offers many features like Trending job searches, Salary offerings for a job title in various locations, and Career Advice and resources.


Ladders Job Search

TheLadders is a career platform that specializes in connecting job seekers to high-paying $100K+ job opportunities in USA and Canada.

It provides job listings in various domains like Technology, Accounting and Finance, Engineering and Construction, Healthcare, etc.

In addition, the platform offers lots of Career advice on job search, salaries, interview tips, resumes, and cover letters.

Ladders offer a premium membership plan where you’ll get access to thousands of 100K+ job openings and recruiters. They have this feature where you can click the job openings, and their team completes the application process for you.

Overall, it’s a good platform if you’re in USA/Canada and willing to spend extra money on the premium plan.


Flexjobs Job Search

Flexjobs is a good job platform to find vetted remote, work-from-home, and flexible job opportunities.

Online jobs are a space with a lot of scams, ads, junk jobs, and too-good-to-be-true jobs. Flexjobs does a decent job of vetting through the listings and ensuring that the scams, junk jobs, etc., are eliminated.

The vetting is done by a real person using their vetting criteria, so we can be sure that the final list is trustworthy.

You have the option to become a paid member or continue as a free member. Free members do have restricted access to listings, but if you need access to the full database, you need to be a paid member.

If you’re looking primarily for remote/work-from-home jobs, then it’s worth being a paid member of Flexjobs for a few months.


Monster Job Search

Next on our list is Monster, which is free to use and features a variety of job search tools. The most popular job searches on Monster are “Work-from-home,” “Part-time,” and “Administration”

Monster has great free Career Assessment resources like Career Aptitude Tests and Personality Assessment Tests.

Monster currently serves 14 countries worldwide. Select your relevant country website here to start your job search activities.

USA Jobs

USAJOBS Job Search is the US federal government’s official employment site and has postings of all federal job openings in the US.

It’s categorized into sections “Open to the public,” “Federal Employees,” “Veterans,” “Military Spouses,” and many more.

If you are based in the USA, this is a good site to get a job as a federal employee. Quite popular in the US, with 16Million+ job seeker accounts created to date.

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